We started the Bellendena Small Grants Scheme to share our very good fortune. We live in a beautiful part of the world and are more than financially secure. Our lives are fulfilling yet simple by western standards, although highly complex by global standards. Nonetheless, we have far more money than we need so have set aside a fixed amount each year to fund small projects.

We are socially and environmentally aware, and sometimes despair over injustice, the destruction of community and the environment. Through this scheme we hope to do our small bit to help make the world a more just and interesting place where everyone has a voice and the opportunity to use it.

Bellendena is not the only small grants scheme in Tasmania operating under a similar premise. The 2A4 Small Grant Scheme was established some years ago and in its quiet way has been successfully funding projects around the issues of climate change, the environment and refugees. Check out its website – http://2a4.org. More recently Thrive Women’s Grants started up in 2021 to provide grants specifically targeted at projects benefiting Tasmanians who identify as women and non-binary. Its website is https://thrivewomensgrants.org.

Perhaps you are inspired to do something similar, to help build a community of philanthropic schemes in Tasmania. If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch.